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Research Tips and Tools: IB eCoursework Uploads

IB eCoursework Instructions

IB DP Candidates eCoursework Website


Uploading your submissions to the IB eCoursework Website

Formatting Instructions for your eCoursework Submissions

Please follow the instructions outlined below exactly when preparing your written submissions. These are IB requirements.

  1. Do NOT include your name, session number or the GSS name or school number (3312) on any of the pages, whether on the title page, headers, footers or anywhere else in the document. Your work should be anonymous to the marker.
  2. You may include your IB Candidate personal code (abc123) on your title page, but this is not required.
  3. Format the document as follows:
    • Arial or Calibri font
    • Font size 11 or 12
    • Double spaced for essays (TOK, EE, English)
    • Numbered pages
    • Portrait orientation (rather than landscape)—except where it is necessary or appropriate. The use of landscape orientation may be to accommodate a specific item such as a graph or illustration.
    • Make sure that comments are all DELETED from the document.
  4. The assignment may be in one of the following file types: .docx or .pdf or Google Doc (you may upload directly from Google Drive). HOWEVER, to avoid multiple technical issues:
    • Convert all assignments to PDF and then upload.
  5. Include the name of the assignment in the file name (Extended Essay, TOK Essay, or English Written Task)
  6. You may also include your name in the file name for the document. The marker will not see the file name.

Subject-specific Instructions

In addition to the Formatting Instructions for your eCoursework Submissions, these subjects have further subject-specific formatting requirements. Open the appropriate document below for additional Extended Essay instructions.

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