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Research Tips and Tools: Resource Evaluation - A Primer

Resource Evaluation

Find and Filter!

Step 1 - Watch these short video clips on resource evaluation.

Resource Evaluation Video 1

Resource Evaluation Video 2

Resource Evaluation Video 3

Step 2 - Read these descriptions of how to evaluate a resource.

Never Be Fooled! How to Evaluate a Resource

How to Spot Fake News

Step 3 - Use this Resource Plan handout to evaluate your resources.

Resource Plan - (in Google Docs) (File > Make a copy to save to your Google Docs)

If you don't have Google Docs, then download the Resource Plan into Word (File - Download as - Microsoft Word).

Evaluate Your Own Resources

Now it's time for you to evaluate your own resources.

1. Find resources based on a particular theme or topic (it could be your Inquiry topic).

2. Evaluate those resources using the Resource Plan handout.


How to evaluate a resource

How to evaluate a resource

How to evaluate a resource

How to evaluate a resource

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