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Welcome students of Garibaldi Secondary School! :)

My name is Ms.Maureen Chand and I will be your Art teacher (Blocks A/B/C/D/E/G/H)

I will send you an invite on MS Teams. Be sure to check your email.

This year, I have been assigned to teach the following courses: 

Visual Arts 8-12, IB Visual Arts 11 and IB Visual Arts 12.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or message me on MS Teams Chat.

I am excited and looking forward to teaching all of you!

See you soon!!

Thank you.

Ms. Maureen Chand  :)





MS Teams: Student guide to MS Team Assignments

Wifi Instructions:

If you go to the Library Webpage  you will find Wifi instructions under Popular Pathfinders.


šGaribaldi Website


šGSS Library Website


šOffice Apps (E-mail, Word, Teams, Etc.)



Email login.

Go to:


Click on:

Office 365 | Diyotta Integration

Students should be using their school district email This will allow them access to their Office 365.

They should navigate to and enter their student number and district password. If they are having difficulty resetting their password please ask them to try the following password formula:

Student first and last initials, year of birth, month of birth and day of birth.

For Example:
Jane Smith’s birthday is on May 17th, 1965 so her password would be:  js1965.05.17

If this doesn’t reset their password, they can see the library for login assistance and a password reset.

Forgot your password?

šIn a typical situation you would be able to have your password reset at the Library. This year you will have to schedule a time to go to the library. To reset your password yourself you can follow the steps below *this should reset all of your SD passwords, but please let your teacher know if it doesn’t. 

1.Go to  

2.On the right hand side, select MyClass

3.In the top right hand corner à log in

4.Type in e-mail and select ‘Forgotten Password’ 

Follow the prompts to reset your password. We highly encourage students to use the following format for their password so that it can be easily remembered and based on their birthdate: 


Please check your email


šWe encourage all of you to continually check your school district e-mail as the teachers e-mail program will automatically send to that e-mail.

You can access this through 

šYou can set up your e-mail so that it goes directly to your phone:

Apps to download.

1.My School Day App Make sure to subscribe to the grade 8/9 channel for bell updates
2.MS Teams (make sure to log in using your school district account)
Office 365 | Diyotta Integration
How to login into MS Teams:
Student Guide to MS Teams Assignments

Other helpful links

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