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IB Computer Science IA

Internal Assessment - Solution


The requirement of the Internal Assessment is to develop a solution to a specified problem or an unanswered question, for a specified client.

The solution consists of five parts. It is assessed using the following five criteria.

  • Planning
  • Solution Overview (Record of Tasks and Design)
  • Development
  • Functionality
  • Evaluation

The written portion of the IA is maximum 2000 words (excluding any appendixes & citations). The video length is maximum 7 minutes.

The IA accounts for 30% of the SL grade and 20% of the HL Grade.

Details, Details, Details!

Structure and Process of the IA (Mulkey, 2018) - An excellent graphic helps you to understand the overall structure and process of the IA.

Detailed Overview and Topic Ideas (Mulkey, 2018) - A must read! Explains project requirements, outlines possible topic areas, gives suggestions on finding a suitable problem and avoiding difficulties.

Official IA Description and Mark Scheme from the IB Computer Science Guide (IBO, 2012) - This is the official word from IB. Read it through!

Student Handbook for the IA (Baumgarten, 2018) - This is a fully detailed student handbook with excellent specifics for each part of the IA. You can read it in full here, or read each Criterion section as you progress through your IA.

Click on each item in the left menu to see student guidance for each specific part of the IA.


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Garibaldi Secondary School, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada